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Built Environment

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Ubiquitous connectivity, automation and analytical capabilities enable a smarter and more efficient built environment, better suited to its users and operators.

Energy & Resources

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Energy systems are becoming smarter, distributed and de-carbonized, while automation, efficiency gains and sustainability are impacting all aspects of the resource extraction value chain.


Big data, robotics and AI are revolutionizing drug discovery, diagnostics and medical procedures. Connected devices, wearables, and on-demand healthcare empower consumers to take ownership of their wellbeing.

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Automation, novel production methods and new materials allow for manufacturing of ever more complex systems in a more resource efficient and decentralised way.

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Mobility & Logistics

New mobility options combined with automation and electrification are making transportation more flexible, cheaper and environmentally friendly.

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Space, Aerospace & Defense

Cost of launching payloads and acquiring data is plummeting, unlocking numerous use cases on Earth. Space exploration is gaining traction, with companies building the infrastructure critical to a space economy.

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