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The Promus Ventures
DeepTech Growth Index

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Subsector Performance

DeepTech Growth Index Components

Enterprise Value Defined as (Last Share Price * Shares Outstanding) + (Debt) - (Cash & Cash Equivalents)

2023 FY Revenue Defined as Analyst Average Forecast for 2023 (Note that some companies in our index have a FY that does not line up with the calendar year - in these cases the reported multiple is based on FY2024)

Subsector Tables

Why a DeepTech Growth Index?

From our offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and Luxembourg, Promus Ventures has been fortunate to invest in numerous leading DeepTech startups across the globe for over ten years. We continue to invest initially at early-stage rounds in best-of-breed founders and teams, and some of our nearly 100 portfolio investments include such innovative companies as Rocket Lab, WHOOP, AngelList, ICEYE, Mapbox, FLYR Labs, Cobalt Robotics, Kensho, Swift Navigation, Gauss Surgical and many more. It continues to be a privilege working alongside such incredible founders and teams each and every day.

In September 2021, we debuted the Promus Ventures New Space Index that we built internally for ourselves and decided to make public to the market. This website and biweekly newsletter tracked and compared the price performance and multiples of new space companies entering the public market with legacy space public companies. We (and other founders, investors and LPs thank you for noticing) routinely used this to frame their analysis on sector valuations and trends.

As space is only one of six DeepTech sub-sectors in which Promus Ventures focuses its investments (more on this below), it was only fitting to blow this index out and build a much wider new Promus Ventures DeepTech Growth Index. Thus as of today, there is a regularly updated index available to compare price, multiple and growth performance of a group of public companies across all DeepTech sectors. 

Our space index will now be folded into the larger DeepTech Growth index, and we will continue to send out a newsletter that shows additional public stock analysis and insights across the DeepTech industry.

Our Musings on DeepTech

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